Jay Dreams screenshot


Jay Dreams is a short film based on a series of haikus written by writer and poet Jai Brooks. The film was produced and directed by Catherine Pancake. Catherine and Jai met through their work on the Baltimore LGBT cabaret, the Charm City Kitty Club. Jai did a live reading of his humurous haikus at the Charm City Kitty Club, which inspired Catherine to create the film.

Film production began in January 2008, after a successful casting call facilitated by K Love the Infinite of We Are Hip Hop Too! The film features 12 extremely unique, dom-fem performers of color from the Baltimore/DC area. The production was shot on Super16mm film and Digital Video. The film contains a mix of improvised documentary scenes, animation, and composed vignettes. The film addresses off-handed humour, awkward moments, sexual desire, gender expression, and the irreducible nature of life, relationships, and love within the African American queer scene in downtown Baltimore. The film's approach of joining verite, improvised scenes with formal "acting" allows for a uniquely powerful experience of representation driven by the participants who were encouraged to explore various levels of "performance" examining privacy, media, image-making, and political exposure for their specific sub-culture.

The Baltimore CityPaper gave the work in progress cut of the film a positive review here: http://www2.citypaper.com/film/story.asp?id=16968

The film was screened as a work in progress at the MPenzi Festival in Toronto in Spring, 2009. The international premiere was in May 2010 at the Royal Toronto Museum presented by the critically acclaimed InsideOut Festival in Toronto, Canada. The film has been picked up for international distribution by the Canadian Filmmakers Distribution Centre as part of their queer compilation for 2010. The "Jay Dreams" US premiere will be in Baltimore, MD at the Patterson Theater as part of the Charm City Kitty Club on Friday, October 15th, 2010. The film's NYC premiere will be at the Theater for the New City on Tuesday, November 9th, 2010 presented by MIX 23, by far the most cutting-edge US queer experimental film festival.