Fatahma Odebe Medium, Healer & Intuitive Artist

M'Bwende Anderson I aspire to win the first season of ‘America’s Most Wanted Daddy’ – I have the wife, 2 kids and the dog ready to root for me. Also a filmmaker, I am currently developing “Girls Who Are Boys Need Fathers, Too” my first docu-short. My creative inspiration is boundless but grounded in family and old-school queer, progressive, black, butch, dom values. The wife calls me Fred… as in ‘Sanford’. I do my best to live up to such an iconic figure.

Regina Armenta can be reached through Yoga on Wheels.

Grey The Poet can be found on MySpace.

Reina Williams was born Tatiana M. Williams on Sept 17th 1982. The name Reina, by the way, means "Queen" in Spanish. And her royal prowess shines, in Spanish. And more...



Dawn Stacy Palmer

Almah LaVon Rice is an alchemist, surrealista, and hummingbird in human drag. She is also Serge, a reincarnated French man who is frequently bemused by the nappy, brown, round girl body he has this lifetime. She is a writer and creativity coach/workshop leader who specializes in helping clients re-acquaint themselves with their indigenous strangeness and creative wilderness (which has never truly been paved over).

Jai Brooks is an International Man of Mystery.

Monique Meadows, a witchy blueswoman living in Baltimore, is an organization development consultant working with social justice nonprofits. She is a Reiki master, a lover of crystals and full moons and a daughter of Oshun.

Tracee Ford