Opens Sunday May 21st 1:00pm to 6:00pm

Maria Dumlao in attendance!


Black Oak House is excited to present a solo exhibition of the conceptual 2D work of Maria Dumlao titled "History in RGB."



History in RGB is an exploration of individual and collective history as viewed through multiple lenses. Representing images of history, popular culture, mythic folklore, landscapes, and creatures, History in RGB proposes alternatives to the systemic representations ordered by colonial narratives.


Each print is a juxtaposition of images that have been stripped of color, then re-assigned with the value of a specific color based on a “tropical” Pantone palette. The re-assignment of color is based on the value system set by red, green or blue.  Viewing the print through one of the three filters, select images become visible while simultaneously obscuring other elements. While the filters become tools for revelation and clarity for a monochromatic narrative, they also produce a mottled background by obfuscating the other narratives that exist on the same surface.


Maria Dumlao

Born under the martial law in the Philippines and educated in a system set by the Americans, Maria Dumlao immigrated to the USA with her family to seek opportunities, as migrants do.

She is a visual artist working in various combined media, including film, video, sound, photography, and installation, and an Associate Professor at Bucks County Community College, where she teaches film, video, sound, and motion graphics. Since moving to Philadelphia in 2009, Dumlao has been involved in artist collectives including Little Berlin and Vox Populi and is currently a member-artist at Vox Populi.


BA, Studio Art & Art History, Rutgers College, New Brunswick, NJ
MFA, Studio Art, Hunter College-CUNY, NYC


Selected Exhibitions & Screenings:
Art in General, NYC
Momenta Art Gallery, NYC
Schroeder Romero Gallery, NYC
Hyde Park Art Center, Chicago
The Contemporary Museum, Honolulu


Selected Fellowships & Scholarships:
The Robert Flaherty Film Seminar (Colgate, NY, 2015)
Common Field Convening (Miami, FL, 2016)


Selected Residencies:
Swim Pony’s Cross Pollination (Philadelphia, PA, 2015)





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