Meredith Sellers "Watermarks"

Opens Saturday, April 21st - 1:00pm to 6:00pm

Meredith Sellers in attendance!


Black Oak House is thrilled to present the first solo exhibition by beloved Philadelphia-based fine artist Meredith Sellers.




A watermark is a stain. A natural indication of a low tide, or a perhaps draught. A place where you’ve left a condensating cup of water on a wood table. The residue of droplets and streaks left behind on glass. A watermark can also be a signifier used to connote ownership. In recent years, companies like Getty Images, Alamy, and Shutterstock have copyrighted mass quantities of images, stamping their logos across photographs of sweeping, picturesque landscapes; of mundane social gatherings of the wealthy; of the chaos and agony of war and bombings; and of historical artifacts which outdate these companies by centuries. Images of beauty and horror, pleasure and disaster alike, corporate branding’s indifference is a mirror to the massive numbers of mediated images we scroll past every day and of our own ability or inability to engage with them.


In her first solo show, Meredith Sellers considers solipsism, notions of ownership and appropriation, and the cycle of consumption and political apathy through the frame of the window as both an architectural and a digital space. Painting has been discussed as a window since the Quattrocento, illusionistically offering a view into another realm outside our own. Since then, another window to other realms, the screen, has become a pervasive presence in our daily lives. Both act as portals or gateways, one static and familiar, the other infinite and labyrinthian. In Watermarks, Sellers’ paintings depict windows that are obfuscated, obstructed, curtains drawn, providing only glimpses into stock photos and borrowed images: a melting Arctic ice shelf, an advertisement for underwear, a barren, arid desert, the limp hand of the grieving Madonna. Mediated images collide, acquiring new contexts, and begging the question of how we choose to engage - or disengage - from the reality that goes on outside our windows.





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